Customized Pallet Map Sign

Can't say what inspired the idea...more of a failed attempt at a pallet slat wall to forgotten piece of firewood to, "Hey, this could be made into something."

Materials Already On-Hand:  
Pallet Slat
Letter Stencils
Modge Podge

Materials Purchased:          Project Cost: $2.50ish
Triangle Ring Hangers

Step 1: Lightly Sand/Clean the wooden slat
I liked the worn look of this wood so I didn't "clean" it to perfection.

Step 2: Cut out letters from maps
I ended up using an old World Atlas. Since I'm making this for my sister I cut the letters around places that she has visited.
The cookie cutter was used to make the heart. I picked her favorite country (Ireland) for this.

Step 3: Attach letters to board with Modge Podge.
Dry completely.

Step 4: Coat both sides with polyurethane.
I used 3 coats on the front and two on the back. We had a can of satin finish leftover from redoing our kitchen cabinets. The shine shows up more on the letters than the wood. 

Step 5: Attach Triangle Hangers to back.
I picked these specifically because a wire can be strung between the two and make it easier to hang. (not pictured) I'll send the wire with the pallet slat as an option. I tried this and the triangels started to slip out of the base. Snap! Well, here is another idea to hang it up. Haven't tried it my self yet...but its such a simple idea I should be asking Why haven't I tried it yet? 
Hopefully: She may choose to prop it on a shelf instead of hang in on the wall. 

Too make sure the hangers were in identical spots on the back I used a note card to measure the distance from each corner. The note card was folded in half and the hanger was nailed next to the fold. 

Step 6: Display!


  1. I love your map sign! I featured you in tonight's opening of the All Star Block Party. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

    Shasta @In The Old Road

  2. Awwwwwww! Glad you loved it! Thanks for featuring me! It brought a huge smile to my face!

  3. Very Cool! Another awesome map project...and I love pallets:)

  4. I found this via your Favorites of 2012. I had to come pin this because I'd like to make a sign like this for our trailer! Thanks for linking up to my Best of 2012 Party! Diana


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