Faux Fireplace Bookshelf for the Library

I'm no stranger to small spaces. We spent the better part of our kids' toddler years living in 1200 square feet. You get creative with storage options and making spaces multi-functioning.  The elementary library I work in is also small. It's basically a converted classroom full of bookshelves and tables...since it also doubles as a meeting space. As the room was originally arranged there was little space for an actual reading area. Sure, kids can sit in chairs and read at a table, but they do that all day in their classrooms. It's nice to stretch out or sit on something soft while settling into a book. So I started the year with the challenge to carve out some space to make a reading nook. It was no small task. We needed manpower (and kid power) to remove all the books from two twelve-foot long bookshelves. Did I mention one was double-sided? So.Many.Books! Moving books sounds simple enough, but, if you don't work out like I don't, it's exhausting

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