Dave Ramsey Inspired Credit Card Chalkboard

UPDATED: 2/26/17

Thought I'd update this project since its been five years. Overall the project held up over the course of time, but some of the credit card pieces fell off over time. Originally I used Craft Glue which worked on a majority of the plastic pieces. Around ten or so flaked off, I'm guessing from not enough glue, so I reapplied them with Gorilla Glue. If I were to make this project again, I would go with the stronger glue off the bat so I wouldn't have to worry about things falling off. Its annoying when you can't find the missing credit card piece so you have to wait for one to expire to fix. Luckily, I kept a small stash of chopped up credit card  pieces because you never know, right? But that's not most people. 

Also, in five years, I've learned how to improve photo quality with PicMonkey. Exact same picture but the top one was slightly altered using the free options available on the PicMonkey site. The original is below. 

Sell so many things that the kids think they're next.
---Dave Ramsey

Original Post:

Spun off from an idea posted on Totally Green Crafts. For the full tutorial on how to make the credit card photo frame visit Craftstylish here.

Materials Already-On-Hand:           
Piece of Wood (from freecycle pickup)
Chalkboard Spray
Sandpaper and Sander 
Cut-up Credit Cards

Project Cost: $0 (wouldn't Dave Ramsey be proud? or he'd want me to sell it and apply it to the Debt Snowball!)

We cut up our credit cards over a year ago and included our daughter in the process. She cut up those Mickey Mouse Visa cards that come in the mail. Originally it was in her "purse" for pretend play. Now-a-days she's had a "job" selling cookies and lemonade to fill her purse with real money. She had fun taking it to the toy store to pick out a toy she worked for!
Gazelle Intensity!

conditioning the board


flash-happy camera

Not a paid promotion, I just think its worth mentioning:

For more info on debt-free living, visit http://www.daveramsey.com/home/.


  1. awesome. love it. May I steal that quote?

  2. Sure, they are all things Dave Ramsey says. The "Act Your Wage" logo is our desktop background and the "sell everything" is something he says on his radio show soooooooooooo often. Help yourself. :) Don't think he'd mind.

  3. Great idea!! LOVE Dave Ramsey! We went through a hard time a while back and cut up all of our cards. It was the best thing for us!! Wish I had seen this back then! Now I don't have any cards to use!! Thanks for stopping by the other day! Following you right back!! Hugs!

  4. That's awesome that you don't have anymore cards to use! Looking forward to the day we can claim that, too! Thanks for following!

  5. Love that! I am also looking forward to a debt free day, almost there!
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  6. How exciting! We love those success stories, help keep us focused on the goal. Go Gazelle Intensity! lol


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