A Spring Surprise

My friend gave me a potted tulip last year at Easter. After carefully reading the directions, it was planted in a desirable spot in the patio garden next to the raspberry & blackberry bushes. All three plants hopeful for consistent watering.

 Now's a good time to say I'm a novice gardener...getting better each year, one dead plant at a time. 

As the summer went on and the heat increased, most of my garden browned up or died. The tulip, I thought, succumbed to the heat. I left the "dead" tulip in the ground planning that it would act as natural compost, along with the raspberry and blackberry bushes.

While not great at gardening, I'm a whiz at creating compost material! lol 

Come Spring, with the melting of the last snow, the kids and I went out to "spring clean" the back patio. One grocery sack of dog poop later and we were ready to tackle the dead leaves, sticks, and forgotten toys.

What was that flash of green under the tree? Green spiky leaves were peeking out from under a layer of brown crunchy plant remnants. My brain immediately thought of weeds...but couldn't decide which one it resembled. Slowly, the memory of the tulip materialized. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

What a happy surprise!

Here is the beauty, a couple weeks after discovery. I wanted to make sure it wasn't going to die first. Its growing quite well on its own.

 I look forward to it blooming...I completely forgot what color it is!

Do you have any Spring surprises
 in your garden? 


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