Redneck Pallet Deck

See how this held up after 3 summers.
Updated Post Here:

Functionally Finished
Our Redneck Pallet Deck is usable but in need of some finishing touches. After a big project like this we're taking a small break and just enjoying sitting on the deck. Ok, ok, I lied: grass is going in this weekend. THEN we'll take a break and just sit.

Transformation Process:

Original Design
Original pavers were given up on Freecycle. They were old, broken, and not friendly on bare-feet.

During Process
1. Ours is closer to an island deck since I wanted it flush with the walkout basement door. Holes were dug for the cinderblocks/base and then altered as we added the pallets. Some were too low/too high. Depended on each individual pallet. This was tedious work but worth the effort to create an even foundation.

Still need to cover this up so
the kids' toys don't
get lost under there.
2-3.The cinderblocks and other pavers used for the base came with the house. The pallets were picked up for free via Craigslist. The boards are pressure treated from Lowes. We only paid for those boards, screws and for a rental drill since we didn't have the right equipment. This brought the cost of the deck just under $200 for an 8' x 10' size. 

Husband and his brother hard at work staining.
Used two coats of stain. 
4. The stain was a freebie picked up from a curb alert last summer. It was a stain and poly in one. Sweet find! 

List of Materials for a Redneck Pallet Deck

* pallets (can usually find these posted under Free on Craigslist)
             ~quality pallets are the key! they are the frame of your deck. to make it       
                easier on yourself, even them out as much as possible on the top.


* deck boards of your choice

* decking screws, we used 3inch ones

* stain of your choice

* powerful drill, we used an 18volt rental drill from Home Depot, worked like a song

* time and muscles, we did all our own labor and learned quiet a bit during the process...a goal we had when we bought this place...cutting our teeth on our DIY home improvement skills

Sites to check out for additional tips/how-to:
You Tube Video, very ambitious man!
Island Pallet Deck How-to @ Thumper Lane, very helpful!


  1. How awesome!!! It looks good! Now, do you get time to enjoy it? Or are you like me, off to the next round of fun stuff to redo, reuse, or build?


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