Maternity Pants to Maternity Skirt

Can I get a shout-out from everyone who was preggo through the summer heat? UGH! It wouldn't be so bad if we had air conditioning... 90degrees is a bit draining at that point. Thank goodness for fans and freezer pops. Helps get through the worst of the afternoon.

Goodwill find.
Great when it was snowing.
Useless now in this heat. 
These two sites provided excellent tutorials on how to convert a pair of pants to a panel skirt: 
Lisa @
and Lisa also @

"bunny" tail

I also opted to cut along the seam instead of using a seam ripper. I rather liked the look of keeping the seams along the side of the panel. Nice outlining effect.

Lisa wasn't kidding when she said the hardest part was stitching a straight line in the back and avoid puckering. Took a few trips through the sewing machine, but its straight now.

I also kept the bottom edges "raw" and didn't hem. I have several "pre-pregnancy" skirts that have this same effect. I like it. 

Finished Product: 
ahhhhh, so much better now. my legs can breath

hopefully after the pregnancy I'll have a post
on how to convert maternity skirts/pants
to regular skirts/pants