Dresser Transformation After the Fail

Transformation Journey

After we "cleaned house" Dave Ramsey style (selling everything but the kids), we were in need of replacement furniture at a very discounted price...like, for free. This "beauty" was found via Craigslist free. I'll have to admit disappointment when I went to pick it up. It was much older and uglier than I thought, but inspired by the creativity in Blog-land, I reluctantly stuffed it in the van. Fingers were crossed that it would look better with a makeover. 

Original Condition

And, Attempt Number 1 yielded an almost epic fail. Almost epic only because it didn't fall apart, just went from ugly to uglier. Click Here to see the whole post. There was a lot of love from Blog-land regarding the fail and encouragement to try try again. Here is a glimpse of that disaster: 
Sanding and Staining FAIL

Hello chalk paint! A forgiver of makeover flubs. Since we don't have a set "style" in our master bedroom I went with white paint. I wanted to paint it a shade of turquoise to add some color to the room, but my husband was a bit hesitant at such a bold step. Baby steps, baby steps...someday we'll have a boldly painted piece of furniture somewhere!
Attempt #2

The hardware was cleaned following this tutorial at ehow.com: How to Clean Kitchen Cabinet Hardware . It uses distilled vinegar and dish soap. Its a great, non-toxic way to spiff up the handles. They weren't any prettier post-cleaning...hello spray paint.

Then finally, Attempt #3, yielded some color and visual texture. We struck a compromise and went with French Grain Sack stripes in a neutral color. 

The finale: 


  1. Love the stripes!! I've got a few dressers I need to paint myself, and this just might be the inspiration I need. Thanks!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage

  2. Very cool with stripes! I looks awesome!

  3. It looks fantastic! Love Dave Ramsey's common sense too! I think it is a joy to be able to make something you like out of something you didn't pay for. The fun is in the creativity. :) Your Newest follower....

  4. Love the stripes on your reclaimed dresser. From 'oh no' to fantastic.

  5. Great job on the dresser! And thanks for leaving that nice comment on my Naples post! There are so many more places in Italy that I want to go too!

    Brittany Ruth

  6. I am in love with french grain stripes on furniture, canvas, totes.. Loved seeing your dresser finished so beautifully.

  7. This turned out so cute! Great job on the redo!!


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