Framed Mirror

Gotta love Pinterest and Blogland for some amazingly inspiring ideas! As soon as I saw these framed mirrors I knew I wanted one somewhere. Being totally indecisive it took awhile to narrow down the room, then the wall, then the color of the frame.

Only had one mirror to work with....for now! Guess what I'll be hunting for at the thrift store? 

Here is my garage sale gem mirror.
Its adorable and small. Tiny. Petite. In other words: its not a very practical mirror. Great for bouncing light in a room...not so great for a last minute hair & makeup check as I dash out the door.

And here is the wall I'm redoing for our breakfast nook:

The bottom right square frame will be paired with the mirror. 

I totally love the pop of orange against the brown wall.

In the bottom of a box I found a handful of burlap scraps which were pieced together and lightly Modpodged onto the frame back.

This is cute, but I want some color!!!!

Good morning sunshine!

Totally open to painting this a different color down the road as the breakfast nook is transformed. For now, though, I'm totally happy with it. 

I'll be keeping my eye open for more bargain frames and mirrors!


  1. The orange color is very refreshing! Nice work!

  2. I love how the scraps of burlap don't look at all like scraps in the finished product. :) Thanks for linking up to the Upcycled Linky Party at

  3. Love this! So inspiring...I may try this. Thanks! --Kristen

  4. Wow! This is gorgeous! I upcycle pages from old and damaged books and this is a great idea to frame a printed small page as well! I will give it a try and also I will link this to my customers who bought my prints made on small pages.

  5. Thanks so much for linking up to the TWIRL AND TAKE A BOW link Party!

  6. Love this idea!! Great job!!
    I am co hosting Fluster's Creative Muster Link Party!! Thanks so much for linking up!


  7. Hey thanks for the creative blog. Recycling has been great option always. In blog images Mirrors are looking more attractive after recycling. Keep sharing!:)


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