Intentional: My Word for 2014

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Last year's Word of the Year was Savor. The goal was to be a Human-BEing verses Human-DOing. Two weeks later I found out I was pregnant and my energy level plummeted, therefore, I was not in anyway a human-doing. Human-BEing the whole way! I sat in the recliner eating Popsicles all summer and had very few commitments. Not exactly what I had in mind for the year or how I planned to enjoy myself, but it was still an accomplish-able goal. :)

This year's goal: to be intentional, can still encompass the idea of savoring the moments, but adds more focus to my days.

There are also some very specific goals that I want to be intentional about. Like the The Orange Rhino Challenge: a 365 day journey to yell less and love more. I'm tired and admit to some difficulty juggling the 3 kiddos. I completely love each of them but realize that the tone of my voice may not convey that. They'll only be this little once and I want them to remember this time as a happy time.


The concept of eating the frog is a guided process for completing goals. I love the breakdown of how to best accomplish your goals by setting daily, weekly, monthly mini-goals. The concept of "eat that frog" encourages one to do the hardest thing first so that its over and done with, emphasis on the done part! My goal isn't necessarily to follow everything in this book but more to create a work-able plan to get to my goals. I'll take what works for me in my more laid back, less type A-personality to get to where I'd like to be by 2015. With 3 young kids and a MOPS commitment to finish out I don't want to over load myself with a Daily-Must-Do that I'll become frustrated with one days where it would be better to just chill, hang-out, take a nap, go to bed early. You know those days..... :)

It'll be interesting to see what curve balls come our way this year and how my goals will need to adapt. I look forward to all that I have planned, to all that I hope it can be, and to all that will come out of left field ***well, maybe not all from left field***.
Happy 2014!