Up-cycling a Recyclable

Since updating our  Cozy Breakfast Nook I've been motivated to change the decor in the dining area. I didn't really hate the existing decor, it just lacked color. I've been surfing Pinterest for Tuscan color schemes to add to my color palette board and found some fun ideas!  (How did I waste time pre-Pinterest????) 

Not sure if I'll stick with this shade of red for the final product, but I'm digging it right now. 

Usually the protein/whey containers my husband uses are tossed into the recycle bin. Just so happened to have an empty one in the craft room set aside for **just in case.** It was the perfect size.

one rope package was not enough
this size container needed 1 1/2 rope packages

cut off most of the top

hot glued rope around
*** using hot glue causes the rope to
solidify in place before sliding the ropes up to close any gaps ***

back to the store for more rope

mixed red and brown acrylic paints to my liking

Off to create some more colorful additions for the breakfast nook. 


  1. Make a great colour statement. I liked the chalkboard notes as you worked.

  2. I'm kinda diggin' it too! I did something similar for my 'Christmas Tree" this year, just a few twigs and sprays of fresh greenery, it was enough to hang my favorite ornaments and I loved it.

  3. I have an empty whey protein tub on top of the fridge right now. I need to try this. I like how yours turned out.

  4. Oh so pretty! love the color you made there, really catches the eye! great upcycle!


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