Book-Page Themed Favors and Prizes

I'm a sucker for books, especially used books. When we bought our home, the first addition we made were custom built-in book shelves in the living room and the master bedroom. Even with those additions its not quite enough so I'm planning on a wall to wall built-in bookshelf for the basement. (shhhhh, I haven't told the hubby yet) 
"A house that has a library in it has a soul." Oh we have a library.  It's just in disarray.  But it's there.  It's everywhere.
One of my favorite ways to get books is at my favorite coffee shop which has a book exchange nook (all the best do, right?). Combines my two favorite things!

So when a friend told me she signed up as an Usborne Books consultant, it didn't take long to talk me into hosting a party. (Click Here to see her facebook page and learn more about Usborne Books.)While Usborne focuses on children's books on the educational side, book-page themed party favors and prizes seemed appropriate. I used several ideas from Pinterest as inspiration. You can see my Love Me Some Books board here.
Door Prizes

Party Favors: Clothespin Magnets
The consultant's business card will be attached with the "so glad you came" card

was going to use a cookie sheet for display...but it's well loved, too well loved for a photo shoot
muffin tin to the rescue!

love love love how the yellowed edges look overlapping each other

I'm rigging the door prizes so I win this. lol
Jk, I'll make another for myself.

Garland Success: using craft glue,
sandwich sisal twine between two circles 
There must be a trick to sewing paper. I've seen sewn paper bunting and paper garland on Pinterest, so it can be done. Perhaps its the quality of the paper. These book pages were pretty thin and had that old-paper feel to them, not very durable.

Supplies (not all pictured):
Left Photo: Dollar Store goodies & items from my Garage Sale Stash
Right Photo: Ribbon from dollar bin at Michaels

My daughter wanted to play with my paper hole punch after watching me punch out all the circles for the garland. Seeing his sister having so much fun my son jumped in, too. While I glued and sandwiched away, they created their own art project entirely on their own. I'm so proud of their budding artistic talent!

I'm looking forward to the party. Since its a couple weeks away I might make a few more book-page items. Whatever isn't given away can stay at my house!


  1. SO cute!! I love all things books, too! I also know that frustration of sewing when a machine will not cooperate! You definitely came out on top of that project, it looks adorable! :) Off to check out your book boards now!

  2. I totally love the pegs - very cute! We are such big Usborne fans here.

    Thanks so much for sharing at #CreativeBluster - Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  3. Love all your wonderful ideas! I love using book pages too. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a collection of cute book page ideas. I love those! (I know, who doesn´t...) I created a fairytale picture with books page. If you want to check it out here is the link

  5. I love the clothes pins. Is it finicky to glue the paper to such a small object?

    1. I used craft glue for everything. It wasn't too much of a sticky mess since the glue wasn't too runny. I did glue a bigger piece of paper to the clothes pin and then trimmed it after it dried a bit. Hope that helps.

  6. So cute! I especially love the clothespins. ;)


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