Knocking Off a Knock-Off

While I was garage sale-ing I kept coming across all this free stuff. Seriously. No joke. On the curb with a sign, next to the trash can (no sign, but heck, its a given), or my kids finding chicken wire on the ground (who tosses chicken wire aside? of any size???). Best day of "deals," ever!  
Here's where some of the goodies went: garden pot, frame (repainted), and the chicken wire framed for seasonal decorations (currently on the mantel, but it has many homes).

While washing the frame with glass insert, the glass toppled (darn wind) and shattered. I was a bit bummed at having lost such a great find but hung onto the frame for further inspiration. It wasn't until discussing where/how to use the mirror that I noticed that the frame could be glued onto the front of the mirror. Hmmmmmmmm, wheels started spinning.

Here was the first attempt at color options: 
Yeah, uninspiring.

Then I saw this on Pinterest. **love**
How To Knock Off West Elm’s Herringbone Mirror with Fabric
Herringbone mirror
and a DIY search yielded this great tutorial:
which also includes a link on how-to whitewash.

I completely fell in love with the Herringbone pattern, especially with the directional-ity of the pattern meeting in the middle. 

Knocking off a knock-off is like gossip, it becomes a little less "true" with each "retelling." 
For the pattern I simply printed off an image from Google search. There was no math of any kind used, just simply painted the pattern. You can see how my corners are not identical, but since this is a knock-off of a knock off, I'm cool with that. Adds to the charm in my opinion.
Yeah, that's me rocking the post-pregnancy pajamas. Hey, comfort doesn't need to color coordinate ;)

In addition to the non-matching corners, my frame wasn't flat. Its interesting to see how the design looks different, almost straight, from different angles. Again. Charm. Uniqueness.

I ended up taking the mirror to an auto glass shop to have them cut and glue the mirror into the frame. It crossed my mind to try DIY glass cutting, and several online tutorials swore it was doable...but it scares me. And any glue strong enough for a windshield oughta hold this frame and mirror together.

 Horizontal, vertical? Seems a better fit horizontal.

Now to do something about that dresser...again. lol
A clash of the stripes! 

I'm pretty happy with my knocked-off knock off. :) 

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  1. Great project...and what a super idea to go to a windshield guy! I would not be cutting a mirror myself either!

  2. Great save and great knock off. Love the grain sack stripes on your dresser.

  3. Nice job, Super easy. I would love for you to share on my Chic By You Link Party @ Hope to see you there!

  4. It looks great! I've cut mirror before...and I ended up cutting my hand on the edge of the freshly cut mirror and breaking the mirror, so a bloody hand and 7 years bad luck! I probably won't be doing that again!

  5. Very nice. The lines look very crisp.


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