Scrappy Wood Christmas

Come February our basement is getting finished. It'll be a wonderful addition of space, but....I have my craft-hoard in the corner+ of the basement. I've been on a cycle of purging, crafting, storing, for the past few weeks. I feel like a kid who is cleaning their room, I stop and play with all the "new" toys I find instead of finishing the cleanup! lol
This may or may not be a lot like how I clean also...

Candy cane is my favorite Christmas pattern. The Christmas card holders (pictured above) were made from two pieces of pallet wood: whitewashed and painted red stripes light-handedly.
The clothes pins were stained with homemade stain. Made it a bit more rustic looking.


I'm thrilled with how this scrap wood nativity turned out. Its made from a piece of fence, broken lattice (Mary & Joseph), pallet wood, jar lids, a random spring (baby Jesus) and a star ornament from Michael's. 

On the other side of the yard I put this scrap wood Christmas tree. I have at least a dozen scrap wood trees pinned to my Christmas Pinterest Board and was excited to finally make my own! 

This twig star has also been on my to-craft-list for awhile, too. Gave it a generous coat of gold glitter paint. 

Now we just need some snow! 

Wood sources:
I hated bringing home these large fence pieces but now I love them! 
They are an awesome source for plenty of projects. 

You can see the chair legs sticking up in the far left of the dumpster.
 A couple of them were painted green, distressed, then put on the Christmas tree. 

Christmas tree pieces prior to painting: they were given a couple coats of homemade stain.

back to cleaning the basement....


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