Top Picks of 2014

This was a slow year for me craft/blog wise. An extra baby and taking the summer off contributed to that. Just this season of life. My word of the year for 2014 was Intentional and in order to be a more intentional mother I needed to scale back on my time commitments. Again, its just a season of life that has, thankfully, moved on to a less demanding-on-mommy's-time season. Its been good to get back to crafting-around, even if its at a slower pace than before.

Here are the Top Four posts of 2014: 
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And here are some Honorable Mentions from my stash of favorite projects: 
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All-in-all, it was a great year crafting wise, much was learned...more about that later in a future post titled: Embracing the Fails. Already, the to-craft-list for 2015 is pretty long. I look forward to tackling that and posting the before and after pics. Maintaining a craft blog definitely helps keep me focused on finishing projects. Otherwise, my home would have more than its share of half-finished projects. lol

Thanks for following along and commenting. I appreciate feedback, especially as I try out new techniques. I look forward to the linky parties this coming year. Its inspirational seeing new ideas, upcycles & makeovers, and learning about new painting tips & techniques. Blogland is a wonderful exchange of ideas! Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year, Audra! My kids are in high school and I still feel like I am in that mommy season of life! Ha! I have enjoyed your craft and project posts and look forward to more in the coming year! :)

  2. I enjoyed your posts Audra when I first read them and its great to see them together. The bench created from a coffee table was my favourite.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post Audra. I love the bright keyholder. Keys are forever missing in our house.
    Lots of blessings

  4. Cool backboard for the bed...thanks for showing that pic above, I have been considering using other shutters for this but not sure if I would like it. Thanks for visiting my shutter post! Super cool ideas on your site! Lisa


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