Scrap Fabric Wreath & Detachable Pine-cone Garnish

This idea originally started out as a candy-cane themed Christmas wreath, but once I started digging around in the fabric-scrap bin, it took a dramatic turn. 
I just loved the beige and burgundy remnants and went with my gut. 

The wonderful thing about this scrappy-wreath is that it is versatile....soooooooo, I get to use it for Christmas.....

And right now.....

And eventually for February. 

It won't be too difficult to switch it up which makes holiday decorating easier. Especially since it seems like the holidays come in such a whirlwind! 


The wreath started out with some dry-cleaner hangers, fabric remnants and burlap ribbon, which was more difficult to work with so I booted it to the side. (It kept unraveling while tying it into a knot. Guess it wasn't meant for this kind of project.)

 For the detachable pine cone garnish
 Hot glued strips of scraps (bit of a tongue twister) to the back of the pine cones and "hello" sign. The pine cones were also glued together.
Flipped wreath over and tied the pine cones and sign on. 


I still want to make a candy-cane themed Christmas wreath....with 11 months til next season...I have the whole spring/summer to garage sale some finds! 


  1. Hi Audra! Nice wreath! Thanks for sharing! Blessings from Bama!


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