If I had a quarter, no, a nickle, for every time I said, "NO MORE STUFFIES!!!" I wouldn't have to worry about a 401K. Despite my verbal resolve to never allow another fluff-stuffed animal into the house, I still find them sneaking in and laying around on the floor. Always on the floor. Always.on.the.floor. I know there are other mothers out there who feel my pain as we yet again kick a marble eyed teddy-bunny-horsey-whatever-annoying-stuffy-it-is out of the walkway. Can't just be on the floor, has to be in the way on the floor.

Stuffy Zoo
I tried a stuffy rotation by hiding half of them in bags and storing it next to the Christmas decorations. The kids found them and we had a stuffy explosion. ~sigh~ Then we donated some and I even chucked a couple in the trash, shhhhhhhhh! Don't tell!

Then a genius posted a Stuffy Zoo and I nearly wanted to fall down on the ground and kiss the stuffy-free-ground they walk on! Amazing idea! And a quick sweep of Pinterest gives different options for the "bars" of the zoo: rope, bungee cords, elastic strips, or dowels. A totally doable idea.

Here is my take: 
A while back I took apart a dresser and created toy storage for my kids. My daughter ended up with the drawer-less part for her pony and doll buildings. Then she got a real doll house and this was no longer needed.

The original backing had fallen off so I replaced it with pallet boards and then painted it in Trattoria Teal to match the Fence Pieces Bookshelf in the basement. 

The "bars" are wooden dowels salvaged from an old VCR shelf. They weren't quite long enough so a small wooden board was added to the bottom. These were attached with Gorilla Glue and finishing nails. So far it looks like they are durable enough for some tugging. 


 And this isn't all of the stuffies we have...just the ones that aren't on their beds. 

Its an unfinished glamour shots here! 

How do you handle stuffed animals? 


  1. I love this idea, I need to figure out a better way to handle all our stuffies. We have tons, too and the kids just received a couple more this past weekend!

  2. Cute! Thank you for linking up to Idea Box!!

  3. Pretty and functional! Great idea. Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!


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