Cabinet Door, Frames, Old Wood & Fences

Just a small collection of upcycled and reused materials turned into home decor.

Ok, I just wanna add another link to the Salvaged Wood linky Farmhouse Style Series at Knick of Time. Click over and check it out. 

Fence Pieces to "aged" World Map Display

close ups 

fence pieces before
drying outside after a good scrubbing before staining with DIY vinegar/steel wool/coffee grounds/black tea bags/&rusty nails...just to be thourough, lol
placed on a stair case ledge/picture ledge next to a re-purposed frame

Trashed Frame to Map Display

Found this wonderfully sized frame on trash day. I was literally racing ahead of the trash man to get to this curb loaded with goodies.

Anyone else raid neighborhoods on trash day? Ever had someone come outside and question your rummaging? The owner of the house came out and eyed me suspiciously. I asked if I could take her frame and she gave a weird sounding yes, like, why would anyone want that piece of junk?

frame before
One corner is dented but that is the only flaw. The best part, it still has the original glass! Score!!!!

Cabinet Door turned Chalkboard

Cabinet door was found at the Restore for $3. The original handles I had bought to turn it into a tray didn't "fit" the look I was going for so I thought I would try something different. Different meant threading hanger thru the holes then wrapping it in twine. 

It was painted in Trattoria Teal by Behr then wiped with stain. The dresser top in the background is the original color, just to show how staining it switches up the look. I like both. 

Here is the current quote. 

Restore plank Sign

Also from the Restore was this lovely plank for a whopping .60cents. 

I used homemade chalkpaint sloppily brushed on so that the dark paint it came with could show thru. Then dry brushed on some white acrylic paint before stenciling with more acrylic paint in Granite Gray. Loved the look so much that I decided not to sand it as originally planned. 

Its currently chillin' on top of the kitchen cabinets waiting for me to hang it above the pantry doors...I can be soooooooooo lazy sometimes. lol

Display Frame Board

Also painted in Trattoria Teal and then more generously stained. 

See how the stain is gooped in the corners? 

Can't remember where the wood pieces came from. They were lightly stained with the same DIY stain as mentioned above. 

A rusty screw holds the bookpage star wreath. It looks great on our fireplace mantel, that is until Dear Hubby stores his Xbox in front of it. ~sigh~ That is our life. 

I totally enjoy reusing old materials and renewing their purpose...hence the name of the blog: Reduce, Reuse, Renewed or Renewed Projects (I"m indecisive like that, lol). 


  1. Wow, lots of great upcycled projects! Last year I did a map with fence boards, but not nearly as cute as yours! You should break up your projects on individual posts that way Google picks you up more often. You have incredible stuff girl!

  2. Wow, you're on project fire! Love them all...farmer's market sign is awesome.

  3. Love all your trash to treasure projects! Very clever and a great use of old materials. Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  4. Great projects! I love the cabinet door turned into a chalk board. Thanks for sharing at Snickerdoodle Sunday this week!

  5. I am a big fan of upcycled projects! Those came up great and make for a nice display. Well done

  6. Love your map with fence boards think it looks great

  7. Love your map with fence boards think it looks great


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