Kid's Storage Bench from Discarded Cabinet

There are a few regular places I troll for discarded items, one is behind the Clothes & Shoes donation bin in the grocery store parking lot. Many many many people "donate" more than clothes and shoes. These items get scattered around the bin since it is impossible to stick them inside the donation slots. These "donations" are illegally dumped so I just help myself "clean up" the area. This cabinet is the most random donation I have seen to date. It was in excellent shape, solid, with no funny smells or goo. Guessing its leftover from a kitchen renovation.

Doors removed, holes filled in with Wood Filler.

3-4 coats of homemade chalkpaint: white on the outside
& Rain by Sherwin Williams on the inside (my goal was to create the bench to match the Alphabet Table...maybe encouraging someone to buy both as a "set").

these would look cute as a playroom set

Joann's had an awesome sale last week on all their flannel. This Aqua Dot pattern was closest in color to matching the ABC's on the Alphabet Table.  

Two storage baskets from Dollar Tree completed the look.

My business partner made the "My Works of Art" sign. Great unintentional color match! 

The large burlap covered bulletin board on top is mine. Pennies are glued to the pushpins, the bright copper shine seemed a nice complement color to the teal edging. 

Fingers crossed that they sell soon. :)

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