Reclaimed Wood Christmas Signs

These fence boards have lurked in my spare wood stash for I-don't-know-how-long and were overdue for some attention. When the first PEACE sign I made sold in a couple of days I snatched these two boards from their spider webbed corner in hopes of recreating the same look and sales (so close to making rent for this period, so close!!). 

And who bought them? My husband. His department is in charge of purchasing and arranging holiday decor and he seized the opportunity to say, "I know this cute little boutique with adorable Christmas decorations, let's buy all our stuff from them," Ok, that isn't verbatim but it captures the sweet heart of my DH. 

psst, don't forget me!
the little pallet & spindle tree,
great project for scraps
Their theme for the holidays is "Peace, Hope, and Joy." So in addition to a sale, I also got my first commission for personalized work, which is my boastful way of saying that they asked me to make a Hope and a Joy sign. 

I was out of fence boards and needed to complete these asap, thank goodness for free pallets! There was enough salvageable wood the width and length I needed to make four more signs.

 Their theme included the Chrysanthemum flower...which confused me...isn't that for spring? Not a traditional Christmas plant as far as I knew. A google search on "chrysanthemum symbolism" enlightened me that In general, chrysanthemums are believed to represent happiness, love, longevity and joy. source
They also signify life and rebirth. Such a beautiful meaning and an appropriate symbol for the Christmas season. Its also an appropriate symbol for this physical rehab hospital.

Here is one group by the main entrance.

And the second set, with the taller PEACE sign, on the other side of the door.

 Chrysanthemum accents were added to the HOPE and JOY signs to tie in with the vision corporate set in place for this holiday season. 

I wasn't planning on decorating with chrysanthemums, but I'm so charmed by their meaning that I want to add some into our Christmas home decor. That project is pending...and may not materialize until next year. 

Life and rebirth, such a beautiful idea to attach to the miracle of Christmas. 


  1. Beautiful and your husband is super sweet!! :)

  2. I love your signs! It's no wonder they sold so quickly and your were commissioned to make more. Thanks for sharing your story with us at Vintage Inspiration Party.

  3. Happy Dance ! Great news about your signs (which look GREAT). Season's Best Wishes.


  4. I love the signs. Rustic and cute. They really add to the outside decor.

  5. Looks great!
    wish you a merry Christmas!

  6. Love your signs! You are one of the features at the Make it Pretty party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to this week's party. Hope to see you again at the party. May your week be merry and bright. Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

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