Comic Covered Cubby

Eleven and a half years ago we got married. Furnishing our first apartment was simple, we simply didn't have anything to put in it! And enter our first dumpster diving experience. My husband found a black tv console next to the dumpster, along with a cheap vacuum, both of which found new homes with us. "Its just temporary, until we get on our feet," we told ourselves. My dad got us a real vacuum for Christmas and that console kept following us from home to home.

FINALLY, we found a newer console, also a dumpster dive find, why mess with success, right?

Old console + comic books + mod podge (and sealer) = one awesome cubby/bench.

Used lighter colored pages in the back so the cubicles weren't so dark.

Totally forgot to get a picture where Batman's face is wrapped around the bottom corner. It was my favorite part of this project.

It went into the booth yesterday.
And it sold today. ~grin~


  1. Unique idea, congratulations on such a fast sale !

  2. Amazing....and I knew your biz would be a giant success!!

  3. Kids will love this, good job! Thanks so much for linking up at the Table It Link Party and hope to see you again this afternoon at the linkup.


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