Finishing Touches on the Faux Fireplace

This is the second part of my Faux Fireplace for my booth. If you missed the first part, you can click here to see the beginning of this project.

I love brick walls. They display such unique character from wall to wall. My dream home includes a portion of brick wall, extra points if its original to the house. Until that day I'll just drool over pictures and figure out where to add faux bricks to satisfy my craving.

This is my first try at hand-painting faux bricks and I'm just tickled with how great the bricks turned out. Its fitting  for this space and purpose.

 A homemade stencil from another cereal box was easy enough for this small project. Although, if I were to tackle a wall, I'd invest in an actual brick stencil to save time.

The colors used: 
The Fleck Stone (top middle) was added for texture prior to the acrylic paint layers.

 A couple taped Cheerios boxes comprise the chimney and the knock-off root beer box was shortened on one end and serves as the chimney top. A random tin can from my craft stash completed the look. 

Have you seen those wood-slice-filled-fireboxes on Pinterest? They're cute and I was aiming for something similar for this project. 

I took a jigsaw to some firewood for the "logs" and got this far. This was more work than anticipated...creating the wood slice front would go quicker with a rotary or table saw, but we work with what we have, right? If I ever get ambitious I might fill up the front, but for now its not a priority...or a desire! 

I think its "mission accomplished" in creating a unique centerpiece to set my booth apart from the rest. After a walk-thru of the whole store I did find one other booth with a faux fireplace but it was for sale. It actually looked like it was designed to go around a small gas fireplace. 

There are still some ideas brewing in my head on adding to the charm and uniqueness of my booth. To be continued... 


  1. Cute! I think that you are offering up fabulous items and great inspiration for your shoppers!


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