Scrappy Fabric Projects

Fabric Hoarder?
Me, too.

I have boxes, totes, and random piles of fabric for "one day," and I continue to scavenge the remnant bin and bring more home! Not quite to the point of needing an intervention, but chugging out some scrappy fabric projects helps shrink the hoard.

First up: Birthday Decor
Dear Daughter turned eight recently. For her dress-up/tea party birthday I made her some homemade decorations that she can hang up in her room post party. Her party is long over and these are still hanging in the dining room. Eventually they will make their way upstairs. Eventually.

A bit tricky getting a decent photo with the sun shining right in...

The pennant banner is scrapbook paper and juice lids painted purple. 

In the far left corner you can see a decoration my son made for his sister. He used the leftover scrapbook pieces. What a sweetheart! 

Next Project:

This project took longer than I thought it seemed simple enough to make and in my mind simple equates quick. Not so. Digging thru my stash to find coordinating colors, cutting up strips, knotting strips to create length, and moving things around to spread out the colors was a bit more time consuming than I imagined.

Doesn't help that I was watching TV at the same time. hehe

I love how this turned out and the pictures don't do it justice. In addition to color, color, color, there is also a variety of texture: ric rac, organza, sequins, various ribbons, sweaters, felt, you get the picture. 

Looking at the booth from this angle, seems we could use some more shelves to get things off the floor--looks a bit cluttered. Still a work in progress. Better get off this computer and get busy! :) 


  1. I'm a huge banner/ garland fan and the colors of yours are fabulous! Happy Birthday! ;)

  2. Such cute projects!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!
    Glad that you liked the elephant tea pot as it is one of my favorites!!


  3. I could see that your wall art hanging in a cozy, glamped out camper. Using the branch really gives it that rustic vibe. So pretty!


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