Converted Stool to End Table

I love coffee, the smell, the taste, the pick-me-up-and-get-me-rolling feeling. Pretty sure I bleed brown, with creamer.

Anyways, when we were first married we struggled finding "our style," like really really struggled. Once we even told some friends how much we liked their house and asked where they bought every single item. We then proceeded to buy furniture where they bought theirs. Hey, imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

It was close to seven years before we finally settled into an "us" style. During our trial years I went thru a coffee decor phase. I still like the pieces but have moved into more colorful accents. This coffee themed clock sat in our basement for two years because I was unwilling to either part with it or hang it back up. Then the hands fell off.

Inspiration finally hit, slowly, but eventually all the pieces and colors came together.

Enter a broken stool, a wooden spool, and the coffee clock. The stool needed some slight TLC, one side of the spool was removed, and then the coffee clock was removed of its clock parts. Some glue, screws, and nails later it was ready for paint.

The white/beige paint looked better in my mind. The brightness of it clashed with the more subtle colors in the clock face. The final color, Granite Peak, looked much better. (Pictures below are during the paint transition. Totally forgot to take an all white pic first.)

Much better. 
Sealed the entire piece in a food safe lacquer. 

Booth pic...terrible lighting for photos...much cuter in person.

This sat in the booth for a handful of weeks and final found a home today. :) So glad I didn't toss out or donate that clock. The inner hoarder in me was right, I really would use it for something, one day. And I've recouped whatever it was that I spent on it to begin with...alllllllll those years ago. 

Trash to treasure, its a thrill! 

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P.S. Saw this tea towel in a cute little boutique in Tulsa. Made me laugh!

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  1. Creative mix. Love how you changed the stool into a clock/coffee end table.

  2. I love this transformation! So clever and a perfect way to marry all three stray pieces. So happy to hear that it found a new home.

  3. That is a super transformation. You really have a very clever brain. I love watching what you come up with in each post. This is one of my favorites!

  4. Love your idea for this stool! It looks great! Well done! If you would like to join in on one more party Making Broken Beautiful is just starting and I'd be so happy to host your talents! Do come and inspire! I hope you have an amazing day!
    The Curator's Collection & Making Broken Beautiful Thursday

  5. i Audra ,, ir love you house and your blog ,, you have a new follower

  6. Audra what a clever idea. You were able to salvage three peices and make something so unique. At dirst I didn't know what you did with the spool and then it dawned on me. Very smart and very pretty.


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