Starbucks Lid Garland

A simple DIY gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life. 

The hardest part of creating this project was drinking all the Starbucks...sigh...the things we do for projects, right? HAha! IT WAS THE BEST PART! Especially after I realized that I needed two more matching lids and had to drink more delicious coffee to get them. Awww bummer (sarcastic font), that I had previously bought two packs without checking to see that they had matching lids.

Burlap Garland from Target $3
E-6000 & weights OR
One could try a hot glue gun...I just didn't have any on hand.
More Ribbon for garnishment 
Patience...that glue takes its sweet time

I chose not to use all the ribbon in the package, it conflicted with the envisioned color scheme. Instead I grabbed a couple rolls from my stash and played around with it until happy. 

Its Christmas-y enough for the season but not so much so that it can't be displayed after. Still works through Valentine's Day. 

Excuse the blurry pictures below, had the coffee shakes. :)

I have a few leftover lids in mismatched colors, maybe a set of ornaments?

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  1. I'm a banner junkie and this one looks every sense of the word!

  2. The banner is just darling and how clever are you to *NEED* coffee for a craft project! Thank you for sharing this genius at Tuesdays with a Twist LINK PARTY! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. That's so cute. It'd look just perfect over a coffee bar too! Thanks for sharing this at the DI & DI Link Party.


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