Scrap Wood Star

Twinkle twinkle I love stars!

I've shared before that nearly every room in my house has a star somewhere. Some rooms have them several times over. During my booth-journey I learned about branding yourself and staying true to you, it occurred to me that I should incorporate stars into my booth. The problem with that is I like, like really really like, the stars I make and want to keep them. 

Now, this little star was created from bench boards that were illegally obtained. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, especially the FBI!

This bench was pulled from the trash with hopes of fixing the bottom and keeping it for my kiddos. Unfortunately I cut too much from the bottom supports and lack the tools and drive to remake them. It kept rocking backwards and tipping over unless it was propped up against something, like the fence below.

After three years in the basement corner where-projects-go-to-die, I rescued the bench, again, and dismantled it. It was streaked with teal paint because I'd used it to dry my paintbrush on it. At another point, I'd considered painting the whole bench this color. 

After securing the wood pieces I thought the color was too bright, as pictured below. To tone down the color it was coated with homemade vinegar stain. 

And here she sits in a craft fair booth mid-December. It didn't sell until the last 45 minutes of the fair, I was hoping it would come home with me! 

The draw back to working with scrap wood or reclaimed wood is that they are one-of-a-kind pieces for a one-of-a-kind project.  

Wish I'd taken more pictures. Especially of the rusty wire used to secure the jar to the star. The jar is adorned with Christmas berries and a few sprigs of gold. Easily can swap out the bouquet to fit any season. Even a solar light or tea light would look cute, too. 

The finished product was inspired by My Shabby Chateau, Click Here and scroll down to the stars. 

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And here is a fence board version of scrap wood stars. Boards were washed, sanded, and cut. Then either stained, color washed, or left bare depending on the hue of the wood. Screws and Gorilla Wood Glue attached the ends.  

Sealed with a clear spray sealer. 

Here they are on display in my now-closed booth. Both sold prior to selling. Thankfully I still have loads of fence board and can whip up some more.

Back to my basement/workroom. I'm currently prepping fence boards for a temporary ceiling...and hopefully I'll post about that sooner rather than later! I have a tendency to think a project will take a limited amount of time when the reality of it is closer to 3-4x that estimate. 


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to leave such a kind comment!! LOVE the stars!!

  2. That's a really cute star! I'd love for you to join our link up To Grandmas House We Go.

  3. I love this idea with the stars! It look so simple but they are so big they have quite an impact.


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