Chicken Wire Front: Yay or Nay?

This isn't the reclaimed wood post I promised (which I am working on, I swear!!) but I  need some feedback.

I found this cute little box in a tub of free stuff. What is the purpose of a tiny drawer box like this? Still working on that.

The finished box will be part of a "small boxes" display in my booth for the upcoming craft fair rush. Originally, all boxes would be navy blue with maps Mod Podged somewhere, most likely inside. But I swear things TALK to me and not every box wants to be navy blue or map themed.

Like this square little drawer, it "told" me it wanted to be turquoise with a farm-inspired front which of course meant chicken wire. (It's a very fluent box that knows what it wants.)

Being the obedient crafter I am, I listened. And now I'm not so sure I should have.


Part of me wants to rip off the chicken wire and stencil chevron stripes in turquoise.

Mostly I'm lost because I don't know what to use this box for. How do I market it? I thought of using it as a charging station cubby but it's too small for a phone to fit into the drawer. Maybe if it only hides the cords and the phone rests on top? Putting a small hole in the back of the box would feed the cord into an outlet.

My daughter is leaning towards jewelry storage for earrings and bracelets.

Could also work as an office desk top storage for sticky notes or large binder clips?

Craft storage for small items such as buttons, beads, washi tape, etc?

potential use?
 With all the glue and chalk paint around its carefully trimmed edges, the chicken wire is surprisingly not pokey. Usually, I hate working with chicken wire, I'd rather get in a fight with a kitten, fewer scratches, but with all the glue and chalk paint around its carefully trimmed edges, the chicken wire is surprisingly unsharp. You can see my finger pressed against the trimmed point. Not blood. No pain.

More surprisingly than the dull points is that my husband actually likes it with the chicken wire. Floored! The man is a fan of plain-jane decor, disdainer of patterns, and recoils at textured fabrics. This box seemed like something that would make him wrinkle his nose.

Even with the chicken wire slightly covering the pull hole, it is still manageable for easy opening.

So, what do you think? 

keep as is?

add more "farmhouse flair"?

remove the chicken wire and go with a stenciled pattern?

It's still unsealed so any addition or subtraction would be a piece of cake. 
Thank you for your input! 


  1. It's a cute little box and I do like the chicken wire. Maybe a little pull knob of some kind or a decoupaged or painted image under the wire?? I don't know -- it's cute though! I love boxes haha!

    1. A pull is an excellent idea...I'll paw through my stash or check out the goodies at the local Restore...I love a unique find!

  2. I think it could be used to hold just about far as the chicken wire goes, I say go with your gut. You have a great eye.


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