Tuquiose Tea Box

Geez, forgot to spell check the title/link to this post. Lesson learned!

In early September I sent out a blog post asking for opinions on the chicken wire front I'd glued to the front of this mini box. Sometimes I get lost in my projects and can't see the forest for the trees. To see the original post, Click Here.

(In between posts, the turquoise color was subdued with homemade vinegar & steel wool stain. Then sealed with a clear matte sealer. )

Lauren @ Wonderfully Made suggested adding a pull. 

Thankfully I have an extensive bottle cap collection that I scored big on Varage sale, bought a box of them for $5. And once people know you are collecting bottle caps and wine corks, they collect them for you. So nice to know people are thinking about me! From the collection, I picked three designs and dug out a simple pull that would easily fit under the bottle cap. E-6000 attached the cap to the top of the knob. 

I LOVED the vintage look of the 1911 cap and was sad that it was the only one in my collection. I asked my sister if she recognized where it came from. She found them at a Cider Wine and Distillery in NY. Later she sent me this text picture: "For the cause, lol!" More of these fun caps coming my way!

My next question was, "What in the world would one use this box for????" I felt like my ideas for its use were uninspired and falling flat. Paper clips, sticky notes, and phone cords, those were the best ideas I came up with. 


Felt like I was missing the mark. 

Kim from Exquisitely Unremarkable thought it could be used for anything, she is such an encouraging person and I can always count on her to comment. She'd also encouraged me to go with my gut on whether or not keep the chicken wire, which turned out to be the biggest compliment grabber from booth shoppers, "Ooo, I like the chicken wire on that."  

Then my sister suggested using it to store tea bags.


Why stop at tea bags? Pretty much any hot drink comes in a mini packet.

Loose leaf tea and strainer. 

Insta-coffee bags. 
Or anything in a packet: hot cocoa, cider, Emergen-C. 

 And of course, phone cords. A necessary evil.

Ever get lost in a craft project? Its the one pitfall of Pinterest, idea overload. Thank you crafting community for offering your input and helping me regain traction. 

Available in the Etsy store: Click Here.


  1. Pinterest is like my black hole haha! I'm glad you kept the chicken wire - it and the bottle cap really make this a special piece for whatever you decide to use it for!

  2. Nothing like a little creative crowdsourcing! And thank you for those lovely words. I really do enjoy your projects. I think you're super creative and make me think about new ways to use things. And you just made my day. ♡

  3. Hey!! i loved your creative work dear.


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