Remnant Fabric Peeps

Peeps, love 'em or hate 'em. We're a sugar-addicted family so we LOVE them...or most of us anyways. And it's not just the candy version that catches our fancy, my kiddos gravitate towards the stuffy peeps, too (ok, they gravitate towards ANY stuffy which is why we own way too many of them). Recently my daughter spied a mini peep stuffy for $6 at the local drugstore. RIDICULOUS! We'll make our own, thank you very much!

And the ideas are out there!

Have you seen these ADORABLE peep pillows by Chas? She inspired this crafty journey. Her peep pillows elicited a chorus of "awwwwww" from my kiddos and myself. There was no turning back from making our own puffed peep pillows.

We used the pattern from but followed the tutorial from Both sites have a how-to tutorial and a printable pattern, we just combined the two to fit our purpose.

A little background on our families sewing skills: 
My daughter practically taught herself a simple stitch to make hamster capes. She joins me at craft fairs and sells her pet capes, mostly for the stylish minded hamster and guinea pig. My heart swells with pride as I see the care and attention she's given to design and color combo. If this is what she accomplishes with minimal guidance...can't wait to see what she does when someone (not me) teaches her real sewing skills.
Peanut the Hamster modeling this custom-made fashion line. 

Once the boys saw what was going on they wanted in, too.

1. Cut
2. Stitch
3. Stuff
4. Close

In the end, we created more of a stuffed bunny than a knock-off peep. Seems to be the journey creativity takes in this home. The bunnies reflect the maker. 
Purple Bunny: Favorite Color
Colorful Bunny with Minecraft Style Eyes
Blue Polka Dot Bunny: Favorite Color

Here's my littlest shielding his eyes from the flash. He snuggled his new peeps bunny at bedtime.

Mine was made from drop cloth and I chose to leave the edges raw. 

He almost looks like he has hair. 

Fleece Eyes

Button Eyes 

Hoppy Bunny Family

I'm proud of my kids for learning some new skills: how to operate the sewing machine, control the pedal to adjust speed and the basic sewing process on making a stuffed animal (or pillow). It was treasured mommy-kiddo time and they are proud of their accomplishment, too. Not a bad way to wrap up Spring Break (and whittle down the craft stash).



  1. Looks like everyone had fun making these sweet peeps! They all look so cute and adorable - in their very own style! Happy Easter, Audra!

    1. Thanks Gail! We did enjoy making the peeps together and they even helped with the pictures for the blog, they were so excited! Its fun to share my hobby with my kiddos.

  2. STOP IT!!! I'm sorry -- the peeps ARE cute but those HAMSTER CAPES???!!! Well that is the cutest, most enterprising thing I've seen - adorable!! I'm not a fan of 'plain' peeps but toss one in the microwave on top of a graham cracker and then add the chocolate for a peep s'more and I'm all in haha!

    1. Yum! I've never heard of this Easter edition of smores...might grab some peeps from the after Easter sales and try it. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Amazing and adorable! I love how your whole family gets in on the act. And your daughter needs to market her creations. Awesome!

    1. Awww, thanks! She does set up a small display when I participate in a craft fair. She does better than I do in terms of product moved. People think its adorable and are very supportive.


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