Crate Nightstands

When it comes to small furniture, I'm a huge fan of a navy paint body with a stained wooden top. Its such an appealing combo (and the bestseller color combo when I had my booth or when I participate in craft fairs). It's not the only combo I use, but a definite favorite, so when I saw these on Pinterest I KNEW that my new master bedroom NEEDED them. And as luck would have it, I had scored six free crates next to a trashcan. Someone had screwed them together to make some kind of versatile storage. My first thought was to stain a couple of them but there was sloppily applied white paint all over and it seemed like too much work to sand.

For the original tutorial, visit Stacy Davis via Hometalk.  Below is how I altered her tutorial with what I had on hand and whether that was a good idea or not.

I chose convenience and bought my "feet" at Home Depot with the sole purposed of staining them to match the top.

The original tutorial had a wider base at the bottom of the feet AND I think that is a great idea to have BECAUSE my nightstands are a little wobbly. While I adore the stained wood on the feet I have, we have had to stick something under them to add more support (not pictured). 

It wasn't mentioned in the original tutorial and I was busy binge-watching Blue Bloods while painting to really think this through. Why did a paint two coats where the crates will be glued and screwed together??? Darn it Reagan family and your deep Sunday dinner conversations! 

Oh well. 

The only sanding I did was to remove paint prior to staining. 

 I couldn't be happier with the stained wood. Just gorgeous!

The wrapped books are leftover from staging our previous home. It was nice to rip open a box and toss these on the shelf to great the illusion that I regularly incorporate hot decor trends into my home. haha

I made two nightstands. One for each of us. This spartan look will only last until the last box is unpacked and favorite treasures are rediscovered and displayed. 

The lamp bases and shades were found At Home. Talk about a big box store to get lost in!


  1. Love the design and the colors. Your headboard is very pretty, too!


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