Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Braided T-Shirt Headband -- Updated

I love the bright color of this old shirt from Old Navy. It was too pretty to just toss or turn into rags after some bleach stained the front. Glad it was able to be Renewed and Reused! It is a very stretchy material...which posed a problem  later on. Following the directions I cut three strips across and then snipped one side to create three long strips. 

The website said to braid it tightly so I secured the knot to a pillow which allowed me to tug on the strips and make a tight braid. Notice where the seam is in the picture...again, this material is stretchy, not your usual t-shirt material.

Here is the braid at half point where the seam is. Its already too big for my head so I decide to end the braid here. I cut it at the seam and knotted it.

Then I braided the other half less tightly. Notice the length and width difference. 


 Here is a photo of the second headband. Its tied in a knot at the base of my neck.

I love how easy this idea is and plan to play around with it some more. 

One suggestion I want to try is to replace the knot with a portion of hair-tie so that it can be slipped on without having to tie it every time. Of course, this might work better with a less stretchy material. 

The first attempt at the braided headband did not survive a trip to the gym. Not sure if its the material or because my hair is a bit thin. 

So I un-braided the two strands and then re-braided it so the band is a bit thicker. I still have to secure it on the sides with a bobby pin so it survives the treadmill! The thicker band feels more secure and looks better. 

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