Thursday, August 4, 2016

Reclaimed Wood Stars

I love stars. They are in almost every room in our home except for the master bath...which will change after we finish tiling around the shower.

Isn't this weathered wood gorgeous!!
Found it in a field near a walking trail.
Love the color and the chippy paint. 
 Hawthorne and Main (click here) provided a wonderful template to use, I adjusted the sizing myself using the width of a ruler.

It was suggested to use a scroll saw but I do not have one. I went after the wood scraps with a jigsaw. Jigsaws are great if the length of wood is long enough to pin down on one end or you own a clamp and saw table. I own neither. I use a small table (pic on left) and my knee for support, the jigsaw can be aggressive.

The weathered wood was a bit too brittle and shattered from the motion, nothing Gorilla Glue couldn't fix.

Also, on the smaller pieces, I wasn't able to hold them still enough and my cuts weren't as crisp and straight. (see the circled part, there is a gap) I fixed this by adding a smaller star on top.

The smaller pieces had their own gaps because it was harder to hold the smaller pieces still against the crazy motions of the jigsaw, even after adjusting the speed. I actually like that the pieces aren't perfect, adds to the rustic charm.

The back star was whitewashed & distressed. The front star was stained and distressed.

Staple gun to the back and glue in between the pieces helped secure the stars.

I really like the wire holding these two stars together (with glue in  between the pieces). They are both their natural wood color sanded down. 

One wire star was displayed in a frame found in a curb alert pile that it was painted with homemade chalk paint and distressed. 

Natural wood color next to stained (Early American by minwax) star. 
All these little stars and frame have sold. 

But I'm keeping this one.

I love love love this star too much to part with it. It fits my decor colors nicely and is hanging in my dining room right now. I added nothing to the color, that's 100% left-out-in-the-elements-weathering. 

Since we're on the topic of stars...

 Found this star garland at Target in the $3 tub just before the 4th of July. Removed one star and painted black with white lettering. They hang above a reclaimed wood arch I added to my booth entrance.

Its part of my effort to create a "look" for my booth to set it apart from the other gazillion booths in the store. I also plan on adding a 3-D sign above the arch...but I've been saying that the past two months. I'll get there eventually.


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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

For the Birds: a semi vignette

Whipped up a couple of bird feeders for the booth. It was inspired by this pin on Pinterest. It doesn't actually link to a blog, its just a picture.

I wanted something more rustic, rusty, and completely free. Mission accomplished. It was a pretty simple project. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Homemade stain. Love using this stuff since my work space is also the kids play space. You can see the bottom of the slide right above my "work bench." Work with whatcha got, right? 

Glued stained clothes pins to the front for the birds to stand on. 

Jump started the rusting process by sanding the cans and then soaking overnight in white vinegar. 

A blurry picture of my for-the-birds "vignette." There is so much more that could be added, nests, artificial birds, maybe a jar of birdseed. Baby steps here. Taking some ques from this article here: seven-secrets-to-merchandisingstyling-and-display. Step one is to group like objects together. 

I'm also taking advice from trends-from-round-top-2016, which states that vignettes rule. I have so much to learn still! And then put into practice which is usually the tricky part. 

PS. updated vignette

My time is pretty divided these days between kids, housework, booth work, side "job" as mom's taxi, and blogging gets the short end of the stick. Prior to finishing this post I added more to the bird themed vignette. Still room for growth but better than it was previously. 
My sister had passed on some old books which supplied the pages for this sign, even found an old bird illustration. Not for sale. 

TWEET garland, for sale. Also from sister's book collection. 

These were hand-lettered following different fonts and DIY calligraphy tips online. Just googled and clicked away until I found what was matching my vision. It was a fun project to work on. 

Nothing has sold from this particular shelf yet. Maybe it would have been a better earlier spring vignette. The summer is still young, we shall see. 

Sales are slow...but I think that is normal for this time of year. I'm out perusing garage sales, adn I'm assuming other bargain hunters are, too. 

Hope you all have a great 4th of July! 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Free Dresser Makeover

One of my favorite signs of spring, actually, favorite sign ever, is seeing signs like this: FREE. Especially when they are on such a gorgeous piece of furniture that also included the original wheels! It needed some work, replacement of a few knobs and replacement of the little thingies that keep the drawers from pushing all the way back, rework the paint job, but nothing major.

My neighbor and fellow booth owner drooled over it with me and suggested just sanding it down for a more distressed look. Sure beats stripping and repainting!

Glad I followed her advice, it turned out BEAUTIFULLY!

Sanded and sanded and sanded then sealed with FAT Paint clear wax. Looks wonderful in the sunlight! Had to stop and take pics while loading it up.

This is my favorite shot. 

And here she is set up in my booth. The dresser wasn't even situated yet before someone came by and started gushing over it. She literally couldn't keep her hands off it and kept stroking the top and sides while talking to me. Can't blame her.

Peek a boo, you can see my reflection in the mirror. 

The quote in the frame reads: Beauty is Ageless.

And a quick peek at what is hanging around in the booth. 

I'll be sad to see this one go. 

Off to find more FREE signs. :)

Monday, May 30, 2016

Garden Junque Part 2

Junque in the Garden, Part 1  was published thirteen, almost fourteen months ago. I'm not even sure what happened to keep me too busy to create a Part 2. Other than time, the other element that separates the two parts is that Part 1 is junque I kept for myself and Part 2 is junque I made for someone else to purchase...or hopefully purchase.

All of these items were found on trash day. I love making money from someone else's discards. The other day, while driving around treasure hunting my six year old asked, "Why do these people throw all these good stuffs away?" He ponders his own question than replies, "They aren't problem solvers like you, mom." This kid's a keeper!

Without further adu, Garden Junque Part 2:

Step Stool Converted to Plant Stand

 Look at all that natural rust. Thank you Mother Nature!

Painted in exterior paint from the oops paint shelf. Tried not to cover over all the rust. Its part of the charm. 

What is this? Its such a funny size, not large, not medium, nor does it qualify for small. Maybe medium small? It only fits tiny pots, one per shelf. Maybe a decorative display for toilet paper? A unique canned soup holder?  Or a standing mail organizer?                                                                                                                                                              This was originally black and included the two pots which were the MOST boring shade of beige. Blah.

Same exterior paint from the step stool was dry brushed on but left some of the black exposed. It created a very lovely effect. 

The pots were simply covered in rope. I might have to do something a little more exciting to them soon because they've been sitting in the booth for a while. The step stool and the wire plant stand flew out the door. I'm running out of things to put these on!

Maybe stencil an anchor on them? To match the remaining Anchor Tote. That would be cute.

This chair is totally trash. Like as soon as I put it in my backyard and realized how broken it was I was tempted to drive back to the dumpster and return it. The back is split and its totally unsafe to sit on, you'd lean back and fall on the floor. This thing needed more than a makeover, it needed a new purpose. A chair it ain't.

This random pot was sitting neglected in my backyard...which means its a spider habitat I'd rather not have! Cut a small hole in the seat, used the sawed off pieces to reinforce around the hole so it can manage the weight of a soil filled pot.

This piece isn't moving either. To increase its appeal I made it this lovely sign. Made me snicker. Inside the pot are copies of vines ideal for our region. ~hint hint hint~ Hopefully someone will see the vision and cart this re-purposed chair to its new home. 

The End

Friday, May 20, 2016

Converted Stool to End Table

I love coffee, the smell, the taste, the pick-me-up-and-get-me-rolling feeling. Pretty sure I bleed brown, with creamer.

Anyways, when we were first married we struggled finding "our style," like really really struggled. Once we even told some friends how much we liked their house and asked where they bought every single item. We then proceeded to buy furniture where they bought theirs. Hey, imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

It was close to seven years before we finally settled into an "us" style. During our trial years I went thru a coffee decor phase. I still like the pieces but have moved into more colorful accents. This coffee themed clock sat in our basement for two years because I was unwilling to either part with it or hang it back up. Then the hands fell off.

Inspiration finally hit, slowly, but eventually all the pieces and colors came together.

Enter a broken stool, a wooden spool, and the coffee clock. The stool needed some slight TLC, one side of the spool was removed, and then the coffee clock was removed of its clock parts. Some glue, screws, and nails later it was ready for paint.

The white/beige paint looked better in my mind. The brightness of it clashed with the more subtle colors in the clock face. The final color, Granite Peak, looked much better. (Pictures below are during the paint transition. Totally forgot to take an all white pic first.)

Much better. 
Sealed the entire piece in a food safe lacquer. 

Booth pic...terrible lighting for photos...much cuter in person.

This sat in the booth for a handful of weeks and final found a home today. :) So glad I didn't toss out or donate that clock. The inner hoarder in me was right, I really would use it for something, one day. And I've recouped whatever it was that I spent on it to begin with...alllllllll those years ago. 

Trash to treasure, its a thrill! 

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P.S. Saw this tea towel in a cute little boutique in Tulsa. Made me laugh!

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