Friday, April 28, 2017

North Pole/South Pole Trinket Box

There aren't any before shots of this box because I didn't intend to turn this venture into a post. I underestimated how cool this project would turn out. 
Prior to the start, it was a super boring white box with some gold and white pattern on the top. 


(Excuse the blurry pictures, coffee shakes.)

A little bit of homemade aqua chalk paint and an old world atlas changed that! While I usually use road maps and such for map projects I gravitated towards the brighter colors and shiny thick paper from the world atlas book. The thicker quality stands up to Mod Podge better than flimsy road map paper, less wrinkling and zero tearing. 

Turning the box into a globe of sorts, North Pole is pasted on the lid with the South Pole featured inside the bottom. 

Under the lid was a recessed rectangle with no purpose for its existence. Do you ever get those magnet calendars in the mail, usually from the dentist or a realtor? Rather than tossing them, turn them into chalk board magnets for the fridge. 

I'll be honest and admit that I see little practical application for a magnetic chalkboard inside a trinket box. Inspirational quote? Memory verse? Top-secret "go" phrase left by your handler? 

I guess some purpose, however vague, is better than emptiness. 

oooo ~ new thought, I need to find a small compass to tack onto a magnet and include it with the box.  

What would you use this box for? 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Re-Upholstered Chair

Not the cutest chair, but what is lacks in beauty it made up in comfort and cleanliness. 

Despite being found next to a dumpster (not in it), there were no smells, stains, or tears in the upholstery. If wasn't such a yucky green I would have kept it as is...but that green...ugh! My eyes couldn't forgive this color, no matter how soft the fabric was to the touch.  

The inspiration for the makeover came from this travel-inspired duck-cloth print from Hobby Lobby. I wasn't actively looking for anything, just perusing, and my eye caught a sale sign...and long story short, I decided that this was the look for this chair.

I had thought of painting the wood but just couldn't commit to a color. So, sanded it down to the pale pale wood grain then gave it a couple coats of Espresso stain by Minwax. Sealed with spray Poly-urethane.

 There was one small blemish that was quickly fixed with the efforts of my power sander. Seems someone's dog was hungry? 

The best part of this project was the lack of sewing involved. 90% of the fabric was secured with Fabric Glue (use your 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby). My new favorite "sewing" tool! A huge thank you to who ever created this amazing time saver! 

I did use a whip stitch to finish some visible edges along the corners. Difficult to see in the picture since the thread matches the fabric. Its the only stitch I know by hand. 

And I am in LOVE with the finished product! 

See the painters tape in the background? My word of the year, finish, included painting the stairs and banisters...that's the year-old-primer paint job there. This chair makeover was more interesting and fun than a boring old paint job. Still a good nine months to make good on my word of the year goals, right? haha

I truly love this fabric print! It ties in nicely with my compass TV trays and the travel books on my living room shelves. 

Compass TV Tray Makeover Click Here

This chair is a keeper. Comfy and appealing.

And there are remnant pieces left....what else can I do???? (to avoid painting those pesky banisters, lol)

Monday, March 6, 2017

Scrap Wood Star

Twinkle twinkle I love stars!

I've shared before that nearly every room in my house has a star somewhere. Some rooms have them several times over. During my booth-journey I learned about branding yourself and staying true to you, it occurred to me that I should incorporate stars into my booth. The problem with that is I like, like really really like, the stars I make and want to keep them. 

Now, this little star was created from bench boards that were illegally obtained. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, especially the FBI!

This bench was pulled from the trash with hopes of fixing the bottom and keeping it for my kiddos. Unfortunately I cut too much from the bottom supports and lack the tools and drive to remake them. It kept rocking backwards and tipping over unless it was propped up against something, like the fence below.

After three years in the basement corner where-projects-go-to-die, I rescued the bench, again, and dismantled it. It was streaked with teal paint because I'd used it to dry my paintbrush on it. At another point, I'd considered painting the whole bench this color. 

After securing the wood pieces I thought the color was too bright, as pictured below. To tone down the color it was coated with homemade vinegar stain. 

And here she sits in a craft fair booth mid-December. It didn't sell until the last 45 minutes of the fair, I was hoping it would come home with me! 

The draw back to working with scrap wood or reclaimed wood is that they are one-of-a-kind pieces for a one-of-a-kind project.  

Wish I'd taken more pictures. Especially of the rusty wire used to secure the jar to the star. The jar is adorned with Christmas berries and a few sprigs of gold. Easily can swap out the bouquet to fit any season. Even a solar light or tea light would look cute, too. 

The finished product was inspired by My Shabby Chateau, Click Here and scroll down to the stars. 

Feel free to Pin! 

And here is a fence board version of scrap wood stars. Boards were washed, sanded, and cut. Then either stained, color washed, or left bare depending on the hue of the wood. Screws and Gorilla Wood Glue attached the ends.  

Sealed with a clear spray sealer. 

Here they are on display in my now-closed booth. Both sold prior to selling. Thankfully I still have loads of fence board and can whip up some more.

Back to my basement/workroom. I'm currently prepping fence boards for a temporary ceiling...and hopefully I'll post about that sooner rather than later! I have a tendency to think a project will take a limited amount of time when the reality of it is closer to 3-4x that estimate. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Word of the Year: Finish

The irony of this picture is that it hangs below a project that needs re-gluing...the flower fell off almost two weeks ago. The electrical tape was a desperate fix ( wrapping Christmas presents bled us dry of scotch tape). I'll fix it, after I buy glue sticks...out of those, too. For now, lets just say I'm exploring irony in art form. 

The previous two years my Word of the Year was "respond," which I didn't blog about at all. It was a personal growth focus and was worth the two years of learning to read situations and people better, and by no means am I fluent yet, but I've made improvements and am all the better for it. 

If you follow my blog, you'll remember a year ago I opened a booth to sell flipped furniture and crafty things only to close it ten months later (responding to the small sales and the lack of time in my busy life as a mom of three littles). It was a worthwhile experience but has left a wake of finished and unfinished projects. I've purged so much that the local craft resale store (Who Gives A Scrap) loves me and my seemingly endless donations. The guy at the Restore though didn't share my vision for the pieces I donated. He clearly couldn't see the potential of a legless chair! haha Its a good sign of "trashure" when the Restore refuses to accept the donation. 

So, my goal for this year is to FINISH projects or finish their presence in my basement by donating them. Let me show you the skeletons in my closet. What's behind curtain number one??? 

I can just barely squeeze into this space between the step stool and the trashcan that butts up against the dryer. You can see the finished projects that are posted for sale in local online groups. 

I love this chair buried under my husband's army gear. I'm looking forward to refinishing it and putting it in the living room. 

So.much.stuff! You can't even see what's behind all this junk...just more junk. 

The floor space is so crowded that I couldn't get around to the other side to see what lurks there. Instead, I held my arms up and hoped for a clear shot.  

A few house projects to finish include fixing the mantel. The original tile was smashed thru to access the electrical wiring when we installed the sconces. We were going to fix it...that was seven years ago. The white triangles cover the holes sawed thru to get to the wires. Functionally finished. 

I started painting our stair handrails and banisters two and a half years ago. That's how long this blue painters tape has been there! All the wood was washed with TSP twice, holes filled with wood filler, sanded, and given two coats of primer. Just need the final paint color. It seemed like a simple project but banisters are a deceptively bigger project. So much surface area...there are four sides to each banister. Very deceptive. 

I suppose I should stop blogging and get started on one of the above pictures. ~sigh~ Or I might distract myself with a totally different project, another chair that needs recovering and repainting, not to be confused with the chair pictured in this blog. No wonder I have so many projects on my to-do list. Focus, woman, focus! haha

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Shaggy Dog Footstool & a Twice Made-Over Stool

This ugly, dated, bland, shaggy foot stool was snatched from the curb on garbage day. Under all that shag, which was also lined with tassels (removed prior to photo), were sturdy blonde wood legs in excellent condition. The whole stool is sturdy, just seriously dated.

It reminded me of a very shaggy dog. What do you think? Distant cousins maybe?
 Komondor dog source  &  Puli dog source

1. Used brute force and needle nose pliers to remove the shaggy "decoration." 

2. The legs were sprayed black and sealed with a polyurethane spray. 

3. I simply recovered the top cushion with this black and white duck cloth remnant piece, securing with a staple gun. 

Other than dry time for the paint and sealant, this was a quick transformation. It looks so so so much better than before!  

I have no before pictures for this stool...and I honestly don't remember where it came from. Originally I had it covered with a ladybug print to sit next to my ladybug chair. The chair was repainted black to match the stool. I thought they were cute. Neither sold. 
After closing my booth I kept the chair and remade the stool using the same remnant fabric for the shaggy dog stool. I think they look nice together...but I've been wrong on these matchy-matchy mismatched seats before. 

Left to right: tv trays (for size reference), twice made over stool, & shaggy dog foot stool

Here they are tucked into the corner of my craft fair booth. It was in a gym, hence the ugly flooring and poor lighting. 

Question: Would you purchase matchy-matchy 
mismatched stools for your home? 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Year in Review 2016

2017 was a slow blogging  year for me due to the opening and closing of my booth. Maintaining inventory was more work than I anticipated and not having a dedicated work space complicated things. Where do I make dinner when the counter top is covered in small crafting parts with drying glue or paint? Where do my kids play when their play room is literally covered in dresser guts and other pending furniture projects? It was an experience for sure!

Anyways, despite the minimal blogging and linky partying, a few things managed to gain triple digit views.

More or less in order, here they are:

1. Reclaimed Wood Stars

 2. Blue Furniture

3. Cigar Box Checkers

4. Faux Fireplace  & more here

5. Bottle Cap Flowers

6. Door Table/Shelf

Here are a few of my favorites that didn't quite make the most-viewed list:

Map Topped Nightstand
I really really wanted to keep this piece for myself and secretly hoped it wouldn't sell but this beauty flew out the booth door fast! I've looked for more of this fabric, it was a remnant piece from ???? I forget, so I can recreate the look. So far no luck, but I'll keep looking.

Made this for my husband...I kinda wanna switch dressers with him! 
and lastly: 

This one, the broken chair bottom, I did keep all for myself. :) The bench itself sold. I'll be keeping my eye out for more broken chair bottoms, especially after seeing this idea from ML Furniture Designs.

Out with the old...and into my stash for a new makeover! Happy New Year!