Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Denim Flowers

Found this wonderful idea at // Between the Lines //:

Materials Already On-Hand:         Cost of Project: $0
Denim material
Scissors, thread, needle

The amount of material used for the flower barely covered the pocket of a pre-preggo skirt that was stuffed away in the "someday-I'll-fit-back-into-this" pile.

Since the material was very dark I used my fingernails to fray the petal edges to create more character. A friend suggested adding a button to the center of the flower. Hmmmmm...

Ways to use this: clip onto a bag/purse, add to a scarf, make a mini one for a headband, adorn a pillow. Lots of ways this could be used. I look forward to making more and sharing the possibilities with you! 

Here are the directions from // Between the Lines //:

denim flowers :: a DIY

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