Monday, July 2, 2012

Freecycle Find: toy chest to bedroom chest

I'm a "free" fanatic! This was part of a curb-alert posted on Craigslist that I responded to for a kids table and chair set. This goodie was too good to pass up so the chairs, table and box were wedged into the back of the van. My Hunny was none too happy seeing this dragged from the back of the van. "Its a piece of junk. Can we throw it away?"  "It has potential!" was my retort. After seeing the semi-finished project he now agrees. Its a convenient place to store all our winter blankets and little keepsakes from the kids. Its a keeper!
Box: free

washed, dried, sanded, fixed loose nails
Materials On-Hand:
Eggshell Paint in Creme color (free from the local Haz-Mat*)
Chocolate Sparkle Paint, left-overs from painting our dining room accent wall

Materials Bought:
Jacobean Stencil, roughly $5 at Michaels
Semi - Finished Product

No polyurethane, yet. Just waiting until it feels "done." Know what I mean?

Live and Learn: 
1. Since there is no polyurethane I do notice the paint has stuck and peeled a bit where the lid closes. This shouldn't be a problem once its applied. 
2. Not in love with the stencil design. Thought it would have more definition but the stencil was ruined by the eggshell paint. Should have stuck with acrylic paint like it recommended. 

*Special Note: 
Check with your local Haz-Mat (Hazardous Waste Disposal) for free paints, primers, paint thinners, polyurethane and a host of other materials. At ours, these items are set aside and people are welcome to browse and take home for FREE! Do check the age of the product before using. Some are at the Haz-Mat for a reason...others are good for a Reuse!


  1. I am still most impressed by this project. Awesome job!!!!

  2. Glad you think so dear. And even more glad that you don't want to chuck it anymore! grrrr, lol, grrrrrr