Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mini "Deck"

This came from a Freecycle post for free lumber. The picture below shows the "deck" with some of the wood pried away. I replaced the damaged pieces with newer pieces from the same free cycle post. 

This can of outdoor stain was also at the same Freecycle post. As you can see from the picture, the gallon is mostly used but had enough left for me to stain the "deck." I still have some left over. Its great that none of this was wasted or dumped somewhere where it might hurt the environment. Its a great Reuse from a big project to a small project. (I'm guessing most of the stain went to a larger deck that they were staining.)

Materials On Hand:
Outdoor Latex Stain

Materials Bought:                 Total Project Cost: 25cents
25cents worth of screws and nails from the ReStore. 
Clink link here to find a Restore in your area:

This is our outdoor "step" before adding the "deck." We needed something so that the kids could get inside without stepping on the metal door frame (it gets HOT in the sun). Its functional but very small, especially for our adult feet. 

 And here is the finished project! Functional for little feet, big feet, and doggie feet! Good bye "stone steps!"

PS. This is one of my daughters favorite summer outfits. I hate the orange shorts but she loves color! 

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