Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Renewed Medicine Cabinet/Shelf

This is the ugly medicine cabinet that came with our master bathroom when we bought our home. Oh, what were they thinking in the 80's? UGLY! (It can't be said enough.)

Removed the doors and hardware, set both aside for some future use.
Washed, sanded, and primed.
Painted beige-ish in an eggshell finish. (Same eggshell paint used for the chest that came from Haz Mat.)

Secured to wall using two 3 inch toggle bolts, the same size that was used with the doors on. The final product was relocated to our half-bath downstairs. The decorations still need finishing but at least its functional at this point.

Materials On Hand:
Shelf/medicine cabinet
Eggshell Paint

Materials Purchased:
Toggle Bolts, roughly $2 at Home Depot

Live and Learn: When I drilled the holes in the wall I spaced them evenly from the edge of the walls. Mistake! The original drilling holes in the cabinet were not drilled evenly from the cabinet sides. Why? No idea. Guess it doesn't matter when you have doors on it. As a result, the cabinet-turned-shelf is not centered on the wall. It works out for us now since we keep our ironing board here and it fits perfectly. Will need to recenter it though before moving.

My motto for really big projects...although this one only took a couple of weeks!

A year from now you may wish you had started today.

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