Monday, July 2, 2012

Soap Dispensers

This idea was adapted from a Mason Jar Soap/Lotion Dispenser from the following link:

I used only materials that were already in my home so this project cost $0. This is a great Reuse idea. Love the versatility of to find more interesting bottles/jars in my pantry...

Materials On-Hand:                              Project Cost: $0
Jar with matching lid
Drill or screwdriver and hammer
Soap/Lotion Dispenser to fit jar
Acrylic Paint
Clear Nail Polish
Liquid Soap

took a jam jar (center) to turn into a soap dispenser
used the dispenser from a soap bottle (left)

used acyrilc paint on the lid, then coated with clear nail polish

this is a Red Wine Vinegar bottle
instead of using the lid, I cut two horizontal slits across the opening to fit the  soap dispenser

this dispenser came from a family sized lotion bottle, it was the only one long enough to almost reach the bottom
this one holds dish washing soap 

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