Friday, August 10, 2012

Another Renewed Soap Dispenser

Found this old, neglected jar of teriyaki marinade in "the corner" of the fridge. You know the one, where the left overs and half used condiments end up forgotten until they change color or you need the space for something else. This looked like a fun bottle to replace the boring hand soap dispenser at the kitchen sink. It could have been tossed into the recycle bin...but it had some Renewed potential. 

Materials On-Hand:                              Project Cost: $0
Jar with matching lid
Drill or screwdriver and hammer
Soap/Lotion Dispenser to fit jar
Acrylic Paint
Clear Nail Polish
Liquid Soap

After a trip through the dishwasher I pounded nails into a circle in the middle of the lid before cutting out the middle. This hole should be just big enough to fit the dispenser from the old soap container. 

Trying to match the color accents in the kitchen and adjoining dining room I mixed up two acrylic paints. Not sure I completely like the outcome in the finished product...but I'll give it a few days before changing it. 

Once the lid was dry I coated it with clear nail polish to seal it. Add soap and insert dispenser. Unfortuantely, the dispenser in the soap container above was too short for this jar so I took one from an 18 ounce lotion bottle. It was a bit long so I simply clipped a bit off the end and it works like a charm! 

Bottle on right: Hand Soap
Bottle on left: Dish Soap 

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