Friday, August 10, 2012

Fabric Wrapped Metal Hanger Thingy

The metal hanger thingy is a great size for the laundry room wall organizer I'm slowly piecing together. Unfortunately, its kinda plain. Adapting a fabric wrap hanger from // Between the lines // the below hanger was given a "face lift." 

Directions can for the fabric wrapped hanger can be found here at // Between the lines //.

Materials Already On-Hand:            Project Cost: $0
Metal Hanger Thingy (came with the house)
Scrap Fabric (taken from a homemade doll blanket that fell apart in the washing machine)
Tacky Glue

Starting at one corner of the fabric I cut a square line of fabric without cutting through the edges but rather cutting around the edges until I reached the center of the fabric. I tied one end onto the end of the hanger. Dabbing with glue, the first piece was secured, then I continued wrapping and twisting the fabric around the frame covering as much ground as possible. Used glue at the tips of each hanger. 

One piece of fabric worked for the whole frame and the hanger tips. Notice the four rods in the middle left unwrapped. Using scraps of the same cloth and some glue, each was covered.

** If you want a more frayed look, rub the fabric piece back and forth with your fingers roughing up the edges. Or bunch in a ball and rub between the palms of your hands. Amount of fraying is up to your personal taste.

The finished project was screwed to the pallet upcycle I'm turning into a laundry room organizer. It'll be a great drying rack for bras and delicate camisoles that aren't dryer friendly. 

I love where function meets cute meets free! 

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