Thursday, August 23, 2012

Juice Lid Decorations

Found this fun idea at Grow Creative. Her idea was to turn them into magnets but I had a small patch of bare wall that needed something so I adapted the idea into wall art. 

Materials Already On-Hand:
Concentrated Juice Lid, one for each letter
Colorful Paper for background (I made my own, being particular about the color-scheme since this patch of wall is between the dining room and the kitchen)
Letters --I made my own from a computer font and pieces of cardboard)
Not Pictured: Tacky Glue, ModgePodge and Sticky Tac

Cost of Project: $6.00 (ModgePodge and Sticky Tac)

First I made a template from the cardboard box and drew several circles on the background paper. Then cut them out and glued them to the back of the juice lid. 

Next I cut out the letters from a computer font, traced them onto the cardboard and cut. PAINSTAKING! But I like the 3D effect.

 Mixed two paints together for the desired shade of brown. Once dry, they were glued to the juice lids. Let dry completely then cover with Modge Podge or other sealant.

Hang with Sticky Tac. 

I picked gratitude because its been a focal point for me lately. This is a visual reminder to myself to not only be thankful but to actively show my gratitude to others. I've been reading One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp and her perception on grace and gratefulness is tilting my own mental an absolutely wonderful way! What looks like a poorly taken candid shot...too much focus, I see fodder for my own One Thousand Gifts Journal: 

474) homemade curtains made by a friend 
475) collection of wine bottles, delicious memories of good times spent with friends
476) A darkly stained cabinet, one of my first "successful" home renovations
477) the time spent with my little girl placing sticky tac on the back of each letter, lifting her up to position it on the wall
478) kids art projects from church and the conversations they've inspired in their emerging faith
479) for our first-bought home and the freedom to personalize it

Gratitude helps renew my attitudeA corny rhyme that rings true. Especially on tough days when the budget can't squeeze in one more bill, when the tension from extended family seeps into our peaceful home, when milk spills on the just cleaned carpet, after sleep-interrupted evenings give way to grumpy-children-filled mornings, when the coffee is cold, when the dog escapes out the door. When my life culminates to overwhelming, pausing to inhale the moment and exhale gratitude calms my nerves...even if temporarily as the day continues full-paced. 

Gratitude:  the state of being grateful: thankfulness. 

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