Friday, August 17, 2012

Solar Light for a Lantern

Saw a similar idea featured at which prompted a web search of "how to." Meanwhile my brain cells were spinning on how to adapt this idea for a lantern that was sitting empty in my front yard. Once I settled on an idea I used the directions here at Not Martha as a guide to creating my own solar lantern. 

Materials On-Hand: 
Tacky Glue
Lantern (a gift from a friend, maybe from Urban Outfitters?) Originally it was for a tea-light candle but too many summers in the sun had melted the last candle into a rock-like waxy lump.

Materials Bought:                       Cost of Project: $7.50
Vase $1.00 at Dollar Tree
Solar Light $1.50 end of summer sale
Frosted Glass Spray $5.00 at Home Depot (there is plenty of spray left over to make more lights or for another project)

Spray several coats of Frosted Glass per instructions onto outside of vase until desired amount of frost-look. Notice that the bottom of the vase is down and will remain unfrosted. This will allow light to filter in and recharge the solar light. 

Pop the top off the solar lantern. This should be accomplished without the use of tools depending on the type of light you bought. 

To keep the solar light secure (the lantern swings in the wind and I have curious children) I generously placed Tacky Glue around the top of the Solar Light. Then drop the Light, glue side down, into the bottom of the vase. Allow glue to dry.

Here is the finished product in the daylight. The vase is turned upside down in the lantern. The solar light can be seen from the bottom of the vase (forgot to take a picture of this, but better directions for this step are at Not Martha.)

And here is a fuzzy picture of it at night. My neighbors porch light is on all the time so it was difficult getting a clear picture of the solar effect. Notice how the top of the vase is dark...that is where the solar light sits. The picture at the top of this post depicts this better. 

And my brain cells are spinning already to see how else to adapt this idea! Feel free to join in the brainstorm with your own thoughts! Thanks. :)

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