Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Heard of this idea at a MOPS meeting this past year from the authors of Wiggle, Squiggle, Giggle, and Learn. I couldn't find this exact activity in the book...or I wasn't looking hard enough...but recommend it to families with young kids. 

Materials Needed: 
Clothes Pins (one for each letter in your child's name)
Note cards
the following are optional:
Alphabet Stickers
Spray Paint/Newspapers
Clear Nail Polish or ModgePodge

Most of these items came from the dollar store or my bathroom cabinet. The total cost is $3 with plenty of leftovers for extra projects. 

*** For an easier, quicker, cheaper way to complete this project, use a sharpie to write the letters on the unpainted clothes pins. Functional. ***

To make it easier to spray all sides of the clothes pins at once I clipped them to a box lid. 

Apply stickers to the TOP of the clothespins. Coat with clear nail polish or ModgePodge to keep the stickers from peeling off. 

Print each name at the top of the note card. Mix up the clothes pins and have your child spell their name out one letter at a time starting from the left. This is great one-to-one correspondence while learning to identify/spell their name. My daughter has this down and loves to pull them off and try again and again.

For my almost 3 year old, this activity is primarily aimed at developing the pincer grasp. Once that's mastered he'll move onto the letter identification. 

He gets an A for effort! Good job Joey!

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