Thursday, September 27, 2012

Burlap Wrapped Fall Wreath

My door was looking a bit naked since I lost/misplaced my other Autumn Wreath after MOPS. A photo on inspired me to dig out my old spring/summer wreath and give it a fall-face-lift. Here is the result:

Inspirational Photo at
Materials Already-On-Hand:
Dark red-orange fabric
Medium-orange fabric
Scotch Tape

Materials Bought:
Bright-orange fabric taken from a shirt on the Thrift Store Clearance rack: .25cents

I chose to double my fabric so the leaves wouldn't look so droopy. All three colors are from previously worn and washed shirts and didn't have alot of "umph" left in their stitches. I rather like the look, too, since leaves overlap each other on trees anyways. 

Still thought the leaves looked too droopy, especially the stem portions, so I taped toothpicks onto the backs as needed. 

Yes, ironing with starch would have solved this problem, but I HATE ironing. So we'll consider this the "no-ironing" approach. lol 

You can see the pen marks on the back of the leaves. I eye-balled leaf template designs from a google search and sketched out a leaf pattern prior to cutting. I would have printed out the templates if we had ink...but we had just run out. Not too bad. I don't consider myself a great free-hand artist so I'm impressed by how "leaf-like" they turned out. 

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  1. Love this wreath, simple yet pretty! Thanks for your lovely comment dear!