Monday, September 17, 2012

Fabric Pumpkin and Fall Garland

I just bought my FIRST sewing machine! In the haste to try it out I picked a fun looking project that proved to be a bit over my head. Turns out that three fabric types and curved pieces are more intermediate than rookie-beginner. It turned out ok...the deep orange fabric was more stretchy than I realized so my pumpkin stretched out instead of "puffed up" during stuffing. Oh well. Live and Learn! (Good thing about 3-D crafts, they can be turned around to hid the flaws!)

Click here for the pattern. I used the Small Pumpkin Pattern and the size is great. Might make a couple smaller ones to keep this one company. 

Materials Already On-Hand:                   Project Cost: FREE!!!
Fabric (raided the back of my closet and dresser)
          I used three different types/colors of fabric.
Stuffing (gutted some throw pillows from craigslist "free")
Thread (found some in my craft idea when I picked it up) 
Sewing Machine or Needle

I used two swatches from each piece of material and alternated them. Love the different looks it gives the pumpkin. 

pumpkin materials

Click here for the Fall Garland tutorial. The only difference with mine is that I cut the toilet paper tubes into one inch-wide pieces instead of 1/2 inch. The larger pieces were easier for my four-and-a-half year old to manipulate while she helped me paint. It was a fun mommy-daughter project!

Materials Already On-Hand:
Toilet Paper Tubes
Orange and Red Paint
Tacky Glue

Materials Purchased:           Project Cost: about $3.00

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