Friday, September 7, 2012

Origami Box Garland

This idea was pinned by PoppyTalk. 

Love this idea from The directions are here for DIY Globe Garland. I used both maps and old scrapbook paper to make my garlands. See the captions for paper and size choice. 

8 inch pre-cut scrapbook squares
strung on gauze ribbon

out-dated maps

top string: 5 inch squares per instructions
both strands made from one map

bottom string: 6 inch squares
both strung on twine

My favorite size to work with is the 6 inch square. 5 inches is a bit more difficult to blow up and the 8 inches is too clunky for my taste. We'll be making these for MOPS this year (I'm the Craft Coordinator). We'll be using 12 inch scrap book paper (Birthday, Christmas, Autumn themed paper) cut into 6 inch squares. Two paper cutters will be available for anyone who wants to downsize an inch. Hopefully I can get some pictures.

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