Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Black Rose Bush and Halloween Lanterns

Here is a picture of my "BOO" lanterns in front of the Black Rose Bush. Click here for a tutorial on how to make tin can lanterns.

Most likely you've seen this posted on Pinterest under Maple Leaf Flowers. Not sure where the original posting came from...getting results from both and Whoever posted this, thanks! Its a wonderful idea! 
Step 1
Step 2: These are the dried flowers from my earlier posting on Maple Leaf Flowers. They were attached to sticks/small branches with floral tape. 

Step 2

Step 3: Then, each branch was stuck into the ground. This bush isn't very "bushy" but I figured a dead black rose bush should be sparse.

Step 3
Step 4: Then the flowers were spray painted black. This took a couple of coats. 

Step 4

Tin Can Lanterns
Tried to turn the last "O" into a spider-web-O. Hmmmmm...think I would have liked it better without the "web." 
the insides were painted orange to help create a more "halloween" glow

I used a variety of nail sizes and "wrote" each letter in a staggering line. Each lantern has two tea lights.

Project Cost: $0 
Although, this project did use up the floral tape and black spray paint...just had enough to finish this. 

Materials Already-On-Hand: (Black Rose Bush)
Sticks/small branches
Floral Tape
Black Spray Paint

Materials Already-On-Hand: (BOO Lanterns)
Tin Cans (these are 11.3oz coffee cans)
Black Spray Paint
Orange Acrylic Paint 
Nails and Hammer
Paint Brush
Tea Lights or Candles

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  1. Love the black rose bush - how cool! I think the webby O looks fine! so spooky on a dark night to have those glittering in the dark! boo!!! Thanks for sharing with us at the creative challenge!

  2. I love how you used the tin punch technique to spell out "BOO"! It's a favorite being featured this month at the Creative Craft Challenge.

    I hope you'll stop by and share more of your creativity again this month!

    Thank you so much,