Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cinderella Pumpkin four-year-old-style

My four year old daughter is enamored with many girls her age. She wanted to do a Cinderella pumpkin from the start. I browsed the web for ideas and came up with this simple version. I let her decide on all the color choices and she did all the painting. I did help with the yellow dots around the windows and door. 

She loves her pumpkin and is outside playing with it and the dolls constantly! So cute! It'll be fun to do another one next year...maybe with more detail. Wonder how many years we'll do a version of a Cinderella pumpkin? A new tradition perhaps? 

Materials Already On-Hand:
Pumpkin Carving Tools (I used a knife)
Paints (we used Acrylic paint)
Green Pipe Cleaners (used 2 per wheel, total of four)
Glitter (sprinkled on top, hard to see in this pic)
Glue...for the glitter
Paint Brushes
Cinderella figurines
Tea Light Candles
Q-tips (to make the yellow dots around the windows and door)

Materials Bought:
Pumpkin from pumpkin patch: $8

Project Cost: $8
Naturally the project cost will vary depending on where you get your pumpkin. Our cost also included a petting zoo, bounce house, train ride, haystack mountain, and other Pumpkin Patch goodies. 


  1. This is adorable! Such a creative way to decorate a pumpkin!

  2. Thanks! We had fun making it. My daughter loves "girl time."

  3. I am impressed. That definitely has a princess style to it.

  4. Thank you! My four year old took the lead on the colors. She has a good eye. :)