Saturday, October 20, 2012

PB Inspired Hamper and Liner

Not sure that this is close enough to be considered a knock-off but it definitely qualifies as inspired

my PB inspired hamper and liner
French Wire Hamper & Liner
actual PB French Wire Hamper & Liner (click here)
I loved this idea but not the $149 price tag. 

Materials Already On-Hand:
pillow cases or other scrap fabric
       (I used two king-sized cases that we no longer use) 
sewing machine
seam ripper

Materials Purchased:            Project Cost: $1.00
laundry basket from the dollar store

Step 1: Use seam ripper to open up the pillow cases in an L-shape. I left one long side intact. 
Step 2: Sew pillow cases together on the longest side. I used the #3 stitch on my machine. 
Step 3: Trim off excess fabric from bottom before hemming up the bottom.

Step 4: I used the lace as a natural hem for the top of my basket. This is also where I threaded the ribbon through to use as a drawstring. ***Remember to leave a space open to insert the drawstring. I forgot and created more work for myself. Ugh!***

Instead of measuring for the drawstring space I just followed the straight line near the edge of the lace. 

 ***Note: This is the "wrong" side of the pillowcase that is actually going to be the outside of the liner. I want clean seams on the inside of the basket. This could have been avoided if I used the seam ripper all around the pillowcase instead of in an L-shape. I'm lazy and didn't feel like doing all that work. And, since my basket is on the floor on the way to the basement, no one will notice.***

 The basket was tapered so I had some difficulty cutting the fabric just right. It works well enough but I'm sure there is an easier way. I suggest search the web for instructions on how to sew "tapered basket liners" or something like that. Wish you better luck!

Step 5: Thread the drawstring cord or ribbon through the top...or in my case, under the lace. Tie as desired.

this was barely finished before it was filled
with the cloth napkins that were literally in a pile

Step 6: Use! 
This basket sits on the stair landing to the basement/laundry room. Convenient and cute. My faves! 

partying at: Sewing Barefoot #5. 


  1. So cute! I love the lacy, it makes the laundry bin look much fancier and not an eyesore when left out in the open. Nice work. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  2. What a wonderful idea for a very reasonable price. I love how easily you prettied-up the dollar store basket!