Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recovering an Old Ironing Board for less than $5

 I was totally inspired by The Thrifty Challenge's new ironing board cover tutorial. Discovered her thru a link party...Catch A Glimpse? Or was it at Flamingo Toes? Anyways, my sad ironing board has needed a makeover since the day I found to a trashcan. Its fully functional AND CLEAN!!!!! (It does sound gross but I knew who's tidy meticulous home it came from.)

My bathroom light doesn't do it justice...but it lives here. Our ghetto laundry room is in the basement so we do all our ironing upstairs. Convenience. 

Materials Needed:        Project Cost: less than $5 
Fabric (Found this in the remnant box at Walmart. Check out that price!!!!)
Old Ironing Board
Thread  (had to buy more to complete the project...about $2 at Hobby Lobby)
Sewing Machine

Originally bought this fabric simply because I liked the way it looked, it was a heavy material, and it had a lovely price. Had no purpose for it in mind when I put in the basket. So glad I did! I really like the way it looks!