Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rope Basket from Clothesline Cord

This idea was inspired from a Rope Bowl tutorial at Every Creative Endeavor. I originally went to the dollar store to find some cheap rope but fell in love with the turquoise color in this cloths line cord. Its the accent color in my dining room.

The only drawback to working with a thinner cord is that the hot glue seeps through the cord and several times I glued my rope bowl to the bowl I was using as a guide. That bowl is currently ruined. :( It'll need to be recovered before it can be used...and then only as a decoration. Oh well, it too, was only a dollar.

pardon the funky was moody

Materials Already On-Hand:
Parchment Paper (or some other covering to protect the table)
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Gun Sticks

Materials Purchased:             Project Cost: $2.00
Bowl to use as a guide *

* You can use an existing bowl. I picked a new one because I like its shape and I didn't have anything like it. Its going to be used as a napkin holder for our dining room table. 

Follow the tutorial at Every Creative Endeavor.

(Ignore the ugly table top. Its on my to-do list.)

Well, our napkins don't match...but these are for everyday use. They are from an up-cycled sheet that wasn't being used. I'll post about that later.

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  1. Too cute! Thanks for linking up to The Weekly Creative. Hope to see you again next week :)

    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  2. Thanks Shannon! I love your linky party. Thanks for hosting it!