Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Peppermint Milk Bath and Matching Tag

Found this wonderful idea at Smart! School {House}. I added more Peppermint Tea to my mix out of preference. I also included an peppermint ornament that doubles as a gift tag with instructions.

Smart! School {House}  offers a clear tutorial on how to make the Peppermint Milk Bath. See her cute idea below: 

Following is how I made a Peppermint Tag/Ornament to accompany my gift (which I placed in a jar instead of an ornament only because its what I had on hand). 

Two juice lids
Acrylic Paint in white and red (used a sparkly red)
Mod Podge
Brushes, scissors, red marker and pen (or print out on computer for a more polished look)
One strand of twine (mine had three strands twisted together, just unwound them and cut a length)
Step One: Paint white, when dry, add red peppermint strips
Step Two: Cut out circles for the middle, add words
Step Three: Use a nail and hammer and put a hole at the top of each lid
Step Four: Mod Podge paper circles to the center, dry.
Step Five: Use a nail and hammer and punch a hole at the top of each juice lid
Step Six: Mod Podge front and back
Step Seven: Tie together with twine. 

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